An easy way to copy your favourite clothes/ copy patterns from existing garments

Via TrendyCrew

We all have favourite clothes that we wear all the time, despite having like, fifty other pieces in our wardrobes. And we complain that we don't have enough! Could what we really mean is that, we don't have enough of our everyday favourites?

Here's an easy way to copy the original pattern from your favourite garment. You can use the pattern to make the exact same piece and change any detail you like, such as the cloth, length, width and the like, or simply to learn how they are made.

This summer...

Christopher Geoenhout


It's finally beginning to feel like summer, sooooo.... time for looser, lighter, and (less) clothing!

This season will be a mini-series of tutorials featuring summer classics, including:
  • t-shirts
  • shorts
  • summer skirts
  • denim shorts
  • maxi dresses

Watch this space, but in the meantime...

Barbecues, beach, and long nights! OH YEAH!