At the moment

I've been making this as an under-layer for a navy chiffon gown. I have this gorgeous chiffon material to pin to this frame but it's proved to be difficult to shape into the right silhouette. So I'm not quite sure what to do. Any suggestions at all would be welcome! :)


Happy New Year everyone!

Here are the pictures of the Belle dress I made for my friend Emma. You can see the progress post here.

Emma had bought the original dress online- it was too short, so she asked me to extend the skirt to a puffy layered one like Belle's. I also widened the shoulder straps. I find that adding extra cloth to a skirt is a really simple way to DIY a dress into something a little more dressy. You could for instance, use this technique to transform a short body-con party dress into a floor-length fishtail gown.