Mini-tutorial series no.3 - Manning Cartell Skirt, Part 2

Manning Cartell Summer 10/11 - Compulsive Sketcher

So there was this skirt I made last week for my friend Clara. It's inspired by a Manning Cartell creation I saw in a magazine somewhere however when I went on their website, I couldn't find any pictures of the same skirt! The picture above is in a similar print. Isn't it gorgeous?

You can see pictures of the skirt (and Clara) here: Originally I made it for the hips, but when she tried it on she wanted it for her waist. So the pictures show a bit of alteration at the back made after the skirt was completed.

Here's how I made it. You'll need:

  • 1 piece of lining material
  • 1 piece of cloth for the outer layer (a pop print :D)
  • An invisible zip, about 40cm long. I got mine at Lincraft. 
As with previous tutorials, this one is divided into three sections- Making the pattern, cutting the cloth, and sewing. Please read all the instructions before starting :) And don't forget to click the Facebook 'like' button to share this project with all your crafty friends! 


STEP 1: Measure how long you want your skirt to be from your hips (should be on your pelvis bone area). On a sheet of newspaper, draw this line.
STEP 2: With a measuring tape, measure around your hips.

Divide this measurement by 4.

Add 2cm for ease.

Draw this line at the top as shown. I used a French Curve, but you can use a big plate if you want.

Mini-tutorial series continued - no.2 - Really Easy Chiffon Maxi Skirt!!

Second of the mini-tutes series!
Why maxi skirts are awesome-

1) They are slouchy AND feminine (i.e. effortless);
2) They give you a lengthened look (instant skinny anyone?);
3) They're swishy!! (Yes! Great for practising your model walk!)

This maxi skirt is awesome because-

1) It's super-easy to make (all straight lines);
2) It's layered with chiffon (wearable for casual and dressy occasions);
3) It can be worn as a dress! (Make one, get two!!)

You'll need a cloth for the underlayer, chiffon for the top layer and elastic.

Ready? Here we go! 

Loose T-shirt #2 - more pics!

Hi everyone!

On request, here are some more photos of the loose t-shirt I made for my tutorial (aptly named) Tutorial: Make a Loose T-shirt

Hope this encourages you all to try it! For the full tutorial and more pictures click here:

Also a massive "HI!" to new Google followers Hannaeh, It's Deme Bishes, Milsweetamada and Jocelyn! (By the way Jocelyn, I spent an hour on your blog and I love it! Best of luck with your fashion show!) 

Thank you all and hope you enjoy the projects here!!