Thank You!!!

Massive, massive, massive THANK YOU to the amazing person who listed JLTFK on StumbleUpon!! Whoever you are, but if you ever need anything sewn please let me know!!

Via Fashion Gone Rogue

Thank You MANCANDY!!!

My first Twitter! Thanks so much MANCANDY! Yes, you should come to Australia one day!!
Happy Holidays!

Deconstruction, Reconstruction: How to make a Draped Cardigan (Mancandy; Behind The Seams)

Hi everyone!

Mancandy - Fall/Winter 10/11

Here is a deconstruction of an inspiration piece by Mancandy. It is a draped cardigan and caught my attention when it featured in Wallpaper magazine's November issue. Its current collection is reportedly based on the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico- creating flowy and loose shapes with its designs. Call me cheap, but I wanted to make something similar to wear myself :)

I will be reconstructing it using a technique shown by Behind The Seams (BTS) as my starting point. There are quite a few DIY projects on this fashion blog, have a look!

Facehunter is in Melbourne!

Girl at NGV via Facehunter
Face Hunter is in town and must be commended for unearthing our most fashionable citizens. This skirt is completely different yet effortless.

Have a look at some of his work from late November to early December. I guess we still insist on dressing in muted colours, even in summer. Hopefully we'll see more vibrant dressing soon! Counting on you guys!

How Roy makes jeans (SelfEdge)

Roy's Jeans - Video by Self Edge from Self Edge on Vimeo, via World of Wonderful.

He sews his own jeans! How awesome would it be to have your own industrial machines and whizzz zip! All done! You'd have to watch your fingers though. Anyway these jeans look pretty incredible, it's always good to watch other people and how they make things. No wonder these are good enough to sell.