How To Sew: Rouched Shoulders

I wasn't sure if rouched shoulders were outdated yet, but then I saw Carrie Bickmore from the 7PM Project wearing one last week, yes!!! 

My notes are a bit unreadable so a quick explanation is in order- you'll need to trace a t-shirt or a top for the pattern and then lengthen it to make it into a dress as short or long as you like.

And then for attaching the sleeves to the bodice, when matching them right-sides together you'll find that they make a '(' and ')' shape, so when you pin them they don't exactly match. But do your best! After turning the pieces right-side out again they will match. 

Pin the elastic to the sleeve, stretching it to match the length of the entire sleeve. Stitch down the top part by hand before going to the machine to stitch the rest of the elastic. 

Lastly, the beautiful blonde is my friend Naomi, who is actually a photographer!! But I got her to model :) Have a look at her Flickr for some of her work! 

If you have any difficulties or questions please post in the comment box!

Happy New Year Everyone!! 

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