Interview: Who Told You That?

The team behind Who Told You That? covers a unique mix of fashion, music, art, food and life in general. I interviewed them to find out a little more about the idea behind their blog.

What made you start Who Told You That?

Diana: It was Becki's idea!
Becki: Yes, I've blogged since high school. I really like fashion, and not many blogs cover street style and hip hop.
Inez: It was Becki's idea. I have a different style- I like hiphop and street style, with a bit more attitude.

Are your styles different for each of you? What are you wearing right now?

D: I love vintage, vintage jewellery and whimsical pieces. I don't really have a particular style, whatever works best!  I'm wearing jeans, a black blazer and a black skirt.
B: Oh my God, I'm totally not fashionable now. I'm a mix of everything- although I prefer a bit of hip-hop, a bit feminine but tomboy and a little preppy. The edgy sort of stuff.
D: A lot of random market things. I mean I like to find pieces at the markets.
I: I like lots of preppy street styles and plain casual, you know? Basics with some accessories. I'm not into really feminine stuff- jeans with military boots are more my thing. I also like loose, hooded jumpers.

What does your blog mean to you?

B: I think of lifestyle- food, clothing, music.
I: Nice songs.
B: Clothing.
D: Travel and stuff.
B: The blog is more on the side...
I: I think the blog is more of an outlet for us as a stream of consciousness-
D: A creative outlet.

Has writing a blog together strengthened your friendship?

I: I think so!
B: Sort of! I can't really say now because we're not all in the same country.

So, are you all from Singapore?

B: The other side of the world!
D: I'm from there.
I: And then we all came down to Melbourne.

Where do you get your inspiration?

D: Gary Pepper Vintage!
B: Wendy Lam from Nitrolicious, and Yoshi from Adventures of Yoshi. She gets gifts and samples from companies all the time.
D: But we have to save up for it (laughs).
B: I'm so jealous of her!
I: I'm inspired by anyone who follows us and actually enjoy what we post.

Where did the name Who Told You That? come from?

D: It was Becki's idea!
B: I wanted something catchy.
I: We had a few to choose from.
B: Like, 'Burn City Babes'.
I: I think we choose Who Told You That? Because it wasn't random or clich├ęd. And it wasn't feminine or vintage, more street, very out there. It's a casual name.

How do you see Who Told You That developing?

I: I want to keep sharing and inspiring people. It would be awesome to have a solid fan base. I mean our master motive is to share our own style- I prefer to stand out from the crowd, not blend in- and that's worth sharing with other people.
D: The short-term goal is to blog more, for people to enjoy Who Told You That?.

Has your style changed since starting Who Told You That?

I: I think I'm more aware of how I should be putting an outfit together- thinking about pieces I would blog about. It makes me more aware of things I can share.
B: It makes me more aware of things I can use to create outfits properly. Like, it definitely pushes me to try.
D: It makes you appreciate the experience. Even the food we're eating. I like the food photos.
B: Me too!

B: In response to how we get our ideas, put our opinions out there. We don't have a particular style.
I: I think that's what makes us different from other bloggers. We're classy but more down.
D: It's more like what you'd put together from your own wardrobe.

Any more goals for Who Told You That?

I: To inspire not to impress. Because it's better to live differently rather than to impress other people.
B: Keep following us and see what we have to write.
I: Just let the intention to be inspiration- I guess to use just what's in front of you.
D: Fashion shouldn't be pressurising and you shouldn't seek to impress. It should be an expression of one's self and your own style.

Thank you to Inez, Becki and Diane for your time and inspiration!

All photos courtesy of Who Told You That?

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