Red Roses

Mui Mui Spring/Summer 2011

How fitting for Valentine's Day!

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These past few weeks have been spent making a friend's dress for her 21st birthday party.

One night last December, the two of us were at Chadstone Shopping Centre, and talking about her plans for her 21st birthday celebrations. It was meant to be a coffee-type catch up but we got distracted by all the beautiful clothes on display (Chadstone hosts several big name brands including Chanel, Jimmy Choo and Lisa Ho).

As Rachel described her dream dress, (off-shoulder, puffy gossamer-like detail, draped, loose-ish, flattering, bold-coloured, striking), our walk escalated into a frantic-tearing-through-stores of "like this?"/"no"/"how 'bout this one?"/"are you kidding?"/"this one?"/"sorta"/"Oh my gosh, THIS one!"

It was a full-length dress of crimson red, layered in chiffon, pleated at the neckline and (empire) waist, detailed with ribbon roses and cord.

Trying it on, the colour brought out Rachel's Spanish side and flattered her body shape. Most especially, she loved the roses. 

Although it was one of those 'I have to get it' moments, the dress that Rachel tried was the last one in the store and it wasn't her size. 

So we decided to have a go at making our own, gratuitously photographing and measuring the dress in the dressing room.


Tunisa's got a new prime minister, Egypt's** and Yemen's PMs or their sons won't be running for re-election and Jordan's king's dismissed his government.

At home, Australia's floods, storms and cyclones means that we'll be in at state of recovery for the next two years or so.

It kind of seems like the end of the world or something.

**EDIT 14/2/11: Egypt's (former) president, not prime minister, sorry!