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Sorry for the wait between posts- my mother's computer is broken so she's borrowed my computer in the meantime to finish an article.

Anyhow I've been working on a how-to for reconstructing shirts. Specifically, re-making men's shirts to fit a woman's figure. It will be posted in the next week or so.

Also coming up will be my Tiger's Tail maxi dress and deconstruction of an inspiration piece- a cardigan by Mancandy.

Lastly I bought a French curve today! Mostly I'm hoping that it will improve my rather basic pattern-making skills to something a bit more complex. I used to use a plate and a ruler to draw curves but yep, a French curve will at least make all the lengths match and measuring curves faster!

I guess I want to become able to tailor clothing well and understand how clothes are made- how they fit the body and flatter one's figure. But also I want to record and communicate what I've learnt in a way that's easy to understand when myself and others look at it afterwards.

If you have any advice, opinions or just want to say hi, please comment!

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