My brother, also an ex-exchange student, made this poster to support the survivors of the crisis in Japan.

"Hi guys. If you're wondering which NGO you should send your love to (in the form of money) to help them help earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan I suggest or I wouldn't normally endorse big organisations as at times the bits they take out of donations are exorbitant but in catastrophes like this they are the ones with the most valuable contacts and in this instance Red Cross was the first major aid organisation on the ground to begin relief efforts. I just made this poster as incentive for you guys to donate. The slogan in Japanese is read as "nebare, kibare, ganbare", something we always chanted at sport events to encourage players to keep the fighting spirit. The Glico running man is an icon of Japan. Please keep the Japanese in Tohoku in your prayers and God Bless. (p.s. Lady Gaga is selling rubber wristbands with the money going to help with the crisis. How's that for value for money hah. )"

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