Gorgeous Hemming Idea

"Sometimes it's nice to have fun surprises inside your garments. Little things you do can make your garment even more special and unique. Hems are a great place to customise. You can finish the edge with a contrasting serger or zig zag thread or bias binding. When sewing lace, simply line up the lace to the edge, slightly covering the edge of the fabric then slip stitch to the inside. Lace looks beautiful and also helps to conceal hand stitches very well."

I subscribe to Colette Patterns' weekly newsletter and yesterday I got this! Isn't it sweet? I think I'll use this idea for my mum's dress.


  1. that is such a cute hemline it would dfeinitely be great to get something like that. so you make clothes? that is cool. I am still pretty hopeless with my sewing machine
    hope you will visit my blog sometime :)

  2. I wore a handmade dress today that I thrifted and the inside is finished with lace. I love knowing it's there when I wear it!


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