The Fashion Fund - confirmed!

Some of the clothes on sale at The Fashion Fund - Lookbook shoot thanks to the Windsor Hotel Melbourne by James Pipino.

I am so excited to cordially invite you all to The Fashion Fund!

When: Saturday the 24th of September,10am - 7:30pm 

Hosted by We Don't Care Inc, this event will showcase donated clothes from Melbourne's fashion crowd, including brands such as Hermes, Marc Jacobs, and Armani. 

Proceeds raised for Victoria's homeless through chosen charities - SWAGS (shelter), Credo Cafe (food) and Kids Under Cover (opportunity)

I am especially excited about Kids Under Cover! They are organising for homeless people to enrol in TAFE or practical training colleges, giving them the chance to gain skills, qualifications and therefore employment in the long run! SWAG provides backpacks which double-up as a tent & sleeping bag- so homeless people don't look 'homeless'! 

My godbrother Rando recently told me about how he gave a homeless man $40 for accommodation. The reason why it cost so much for one night's stay (a normal backpacker's hostel is around $20-$25) was because the man told Rando that he was a recovering drug addict, and a regular backpacker's is full of drug users. So he needed a place to stay but one without the temptation.  

The reason why this event is so... pretty... is because We Don't Care Inc. is made up of young people, and we want to attract Gen-Y's to get into social justice. Volunteering is so much more relevant when you're doing it with people your age.  

Come, come, come, and bring your friends!

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