He's worth it

There is still a FAMINE going on in the Horn of Africa region. This situation is really serious, literally millions of people are at risk of death by starvation. It makes me so sad, it is not even their fault that they were born in an area where growing any vegetables or even raising livestock is almost impossible because of the climate. The current crisis is due to a drought in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia which has only exacerbated this situation. At first I found it really hard to care, but now I understand that each one of these lives are worth just the same as my own and my friends, no matter where in the world we live. According to the UN organisation, the World Food Programme, you only have to donate 50 cents (US dollars.. which is pretty much the same in Australian dollars), to 'save' a hungry child or mother. And like, if you give up just one coffee today and donate that $3 to the famine aid, you are literally saving six people.

You can donate to the World Food Programme here:
There's a link on the bottom left to claim a tax deduction from the Australian Government.
One person's life, just 50 cents. It's worth it!

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