How to make a pink skirt?

Merry Christmas everyone!

Made a video today for the first time ever. Have a look? Now I understand the tendency for You Tubers to talk cute. It's hard not to laugh at my blank expressions as I was watching myself. I had a hard time keeping my voice from squeaking...

 Thank you to new followers Valerie, belindvhv, Joy, madi_thehottie_23, miss mino li and Vivian

Oh by the way, if you're going Boxing Day shopping tomorrow, We Don't Care Inc. will be at Melbourne Central collecting gifts to pass on to Vinnies. Bring your unwanted gifts or shopping steals and pass on the holiday cheer to someone who needs it! We'll be in the florescent cube at Shot Tower Square (the clocks/Jurlique) on the ground floor. Come and say hello!

Wishing you all a wonderful and restful holiday.


  1. you did such a good job with the zip! would love a tutorial on installing zips, mine always look messily done :P

  2. Thanks Amie! Naw it was my first time not completely stuffing it up. I might do a tutorial once I'm more confident with the technique. But you must be good too, your dresses seem to be selling through the roof!

  3. i often use neswpaper paper too for patterns! :D
    the skirt looks perfect and so well refined!

  4. Thanks dear! Yes newspaper is the best! I often use it to make the entire project to see if my patterns work. And I love your list of top DIYs 2011! You're really good at finding tutorials/fashion DIYs.

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