DIY Zipper Backless Dress by Vintage Lover

Vintage Lover created this tutorial for DIY'ing a zipper backless dress with any old dress you might have.

I love this idea! But dare I try it... ?

You'll have to find some way of making sure the top of the zipper can be closed whilst the zipper itself is still open. A eye and hook combo will do the job, as I imagine you'd still need to zip the dress open all the way out to put it on.

Have a look at her tutorial on her awesome blog here.

In other news, Rfam & Co. will be shutting its doors! Inez from the store has offered clients a discount if you mention my name (Joyce). I think she can post things out if you're not in Melbourne.

You can see her dresses on her Facebook page here.

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  1. This is a fabuloussite. Nice dress though! Wearing such dresses with a bra tape is even better as it simply lifts the breast which is a key factor with strapless dresses. Have you ever used that before?


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