How to make your own dress form

Dress Form Construction by Sartorial DIY
I've been pining for a dress form for a long time and recently I was lucky to be given one by my parents. But before that I was looking for a cheap alternative. And I found that I wasn't the only one. There are so many  tutorials online to DIY your own dress form. Most of them involve duct tape (is that American for packing tape?) or paper maché. But I particularly like this one because the creator glues black felt onto his finished dress form. This is great because you need to be able to pin your cloth to the form when using it.

This dress form guide is made for men, but you get the idea. Basically you wrap your tape/glue-drenched cloth strips around your body (wear a garbage bag) and arms till it's thick enough to hold, wait for it to dry into shape then cut it off. Attach it back together and stuff it with newspaper or fabric scraps. Find a stand (Threadbanger uses a Christmas tree trunk) and cover the form with felt or thick cloth. And like Sartorial DIY finish the neck hole with a wooden sphere.
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  1. I am going to try this. I need a male form chest size 44 for a costume. this is a one time only thing. It costs to much to buy one and to find them this large is impossible unless you want to invest $400 and up. Will let you know how this worked out

  2. Great! I'm looking forward to seeing your outcome!


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