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Hello everyone! Firstly just some apologies for not updating as often these days. But I promise, there's a good reason for this- I've been asked to help out with a new non-profit organisation, We Don't Care Inc (WDC).

The aim of WDC is to bridge Gen-Y's with volunteering opportunities/social justice initiatives. You know that feeling you get when you see a situation where help's needed, and you want to help, but somehow, you can't? Because you don't know who to ask, none of the other volunteers are your age, or the way in which the help is structured doesn't quite fit in with the person you are? WDC tries to create events and channels in which young people can help in a way that's distinctly young. 

We Don't Care started off with its first project, WDCA (We Don't Care About) magazine, which should see the launch of its first issue later this year. As Gala Darling recently quoted, our generation might also be called the 'Magpie Generation', meaning the things that appeal to us have to be presented in a considered, design-y, and generally gorgeous manner.

And what's more relevant than popular culture? WDCA as envisioned by its creator, is 'a culture magazine talking about social justice'. Let's see if content like this will get your attention:

The other project of WDC is The Fashion Fund, which is an event raising awareness for Victoria's homeless. We'll be selling pre-loved designer and vintage pieces to raise funds. We managed to get Federation Square for our pop-up store!

We shot our lookbook two weeks ago:

I'll be working with Shen for the visual merchandising and the whole look of the event. So excited! It's going to be hopefully, something memorable.

So that's what I've been doing :) Please forgive me for the sporadic timing of my posts. And if you'd like to get involved, please head over to the WDC Facebook page and feel free to ask us anything. 

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