Interview: DIY Star Matter of Style!

Today is the start of a new feature at JLTFK.... Interviews! With the internet's most creative types, these interviews will bring you the thoughts and influences behind these talented minds. 

Today's interview is with DIY star Alessia from A Matter of Style. While on the surface, readers are wow'ed by her ability to just see something and and then make it for herself, Alessia is a true artist. As you will see, the conceptual planning behind this process demonstrates a real understanding of design and functionality. A self-described 'serial DIY-er', Alessia draws her inspiration from surprising sources and translates that idea into beautiful pieces that display a sense of her own personal influence fused with high-fashion.

Oh, if you enjoy DIY style, Alessia shares step-by-step tutorials on her blog!

You blog at A Matter of Style. What made you choose this name and what is the idea of behind your blog?

Firstly I would like to thank you Joyce for your interest in my blog and for this interview. My name is Alessia and I blog from Italy. The blog Matter Of Style is a page about my interests in fashion and crafts.

I started showing my favourite pieces from shops I like then, little handmade things. I enjoy the experience of blogging, thanks to the internet we have the chance to interact and be inspired by people who share our same interests from all over the world and this is great.

I'm really happy when someone likes my page and I hope I'll be able to improve my blog showing more fashion.

I picked this name Matter of Style for a handmade jewellery line I was making a few years ago and the blog was named after that. I wanted to communicate that whoever picked my jewellery was making a stylish choice. 

What made you first get into DIY? What was the first thing you ever made on your own?

The first thing I made were a pair of earrings when I was little, with enamel copper wire- I've continued to make handmade jewellery ever since.
My interest in jewellery is older than my interest in fashion. I've always been attracted by big, expensive, regal jewellery we see at the neck of stars or on magazines, I've started making handmade jewellery because I wanted statement jewellery I could wear.

What is your most favourite project?

Shoes are my passion so they are my favourites!

Who and what inspires you?

I'm drawn to unconventional designs, things excessive and surprising, something you can dream about wearing, sometimes more suitable for stage costumes than for everyday wear; that is why I love designers like Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela and fashion inspired by origami.

I'm attracted by the complex designs of Gareth Pugh, Iris Van Herpen and Sandra Backlund sculptural knitwear and I religiously admire the sharp elegance of Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Versace and the boldness of Dolce and Gabbana.

Please share how you work your ideas into reality.

When I want to do something inspired by the catwalk, I try to figure out how I can make it with things I can find in shops. I try to discover a hidden potential in common things to transform them into what I want.

Sometimes it takes time to find all I need and then every project is a journey. I mean, I always learn something finding a solution to little problems I have to face during the making of an item.

What are you currently working on? 

I'm trying to do a daring shoe DIY project, I always want to DIY more shoes!

I would like to work with leather right now, I have some ideas I haven't been able to realize yet.

Will we be able to see this soon?

I hope so!

Do you see yourself working in fashion or DIY in the future?

That would be fantastic, I would love to open an online shop with my handmade works one day, maybe with one of a kind pieces.

Do you sell your work?

Matter Of Style creations are not available for sale yet.

Thank you so much Alessia for your time and your inspiring work. Don't forget to check our her blog at A Matter of Style!

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  1. She is so amazing! Her talent is really omg...true inspiration. Love her blog :)


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